What you should know about Protective Hair Styles

Weave, pictured (left) with my Big Sis, Spa Day!

Are you ready for a My Big Reveal of Protective Styles Past?

Yes??!!! I have dug up my photo albums to show you some of my protective styles that I have worn for special events, winter styling or just simply to take a break. You’ll see a different me in each picture, but it was also a learning process for me to see what worked for my hair and what didn’t. I currently, wear my hair natural full time and limit the protective styling.

Protective styles are great (Pros):

  • Allow you to take a break from the daily styling
  • Allow your natural hair to grow
  • Help save you time
  • Help save you money, in some cases
  • Afford you the ability to try temporary hair styles and keep your look fresh and new
  • Try hair color without permanently stripping and dyeing your own natural hair

I can tell you that the #1 thing that I’ve learned about protective styling is that



Sometimes, we get a new style that requires little styling and we’re in heaven, right?

Well, your hair underneath still requires:

  • A regular cleanse (from any dirt product build up)
  • Moisture
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Hair oil
  • …I have to add a good massage every now and then…I know this because your hair and scalp miss that for weeks or months when you have a weave or protective styling that doesn’t allow you to get down into the roots…hence that achy feeling when it is taken out…Ay yay yay!

You know the feeling when you get that first wash after removing that Protective Style, when you are at the sink bowl and your scalp is being washed, your eyes literally roll back in your head, I know, I’ve seen you, Ha!

When you don’t give your hair this TLC and necessary nutrients your natural hair will pay the ultimate price. Have you experienced the following after removing a protective style (Cons):

  • Hair Breakage/Loss
  • Excessive Shedding
  • Damaged Hair
  • Split Ends
  • In need of a drastic hair cut

At the end of the day, we all are hoping for hair growth from our protective styles, but we can’t ignore what we would give our hair if it were free, right?

Now, take a look at a few protective styles I’ve worn over the past year or two.

FlatTwists with Hair Piece
Me (pictured left)FlatTwists with Hair Piece with Big Sis on her Wedding Day!
Flat Twists with Twisted Hair Piece
Flat Twists with Twisted Hair Piece (Pictured on right),10 Year Vow Renewal Cruise Ceremony
Senagalese Twists
Senagalese Twists
Havana/Marley Twist Updo (Below)
Havana/Marley Twist Updo
Havana/Marley Twists
Wig Havana/Marley Twists (Above)
Yesss, I rocked short wigs for much of 2013!!! (Below)

I love this article on wigs, click here.

What protective styles have you rocked?  

Many of these styles, I give credit to Kadi’s Hair Gallery, thanks Kadi!

Tree Braids w/Yaki Hair
Kadi’s Hair Gallery Photo Shoot
Tree Braids: Kadiatu Sesay
Stylist: Tony
Kadi's Hair Gallery

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Christine Waysome-Henderson

Christine Waysome-Henderson is a Natural Hair Care Consultant & Founder of Natural Hairess & Co. LLC. She educates individuals how to care for their natural hair organically. Christine is degreed and holds both an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and an MBA Graduate Degree in Business Management. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children. For more hair wisdom, visit Natural Hairess & Co. 

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