Coconut Oil in the Shower Un-Capped


Coconut oil is making a comeback in the medical community and as a natural I’ve caught on. I know there are those of you who subscribe to the Green House (GH) Method. This does not take away from that. I’m an unconventional girl. Occasionally, I forgo that shower cap and open that jar of Coconut Oil an slather it all over my hair to moisturize my tresses before I enter into a steamy shower. I followup with a palm full a beneficCarrot Oil,  Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), Argan Oil, all over my scalp and throughout my hair. This is one of the favorite regimens of my day. I cannot wait to experience the way my hair feels when the steam penetrates my hair and scalp. Coconut oil contains the highest content of fatty acids which is beneficial for your hair and skin.


I step into the shower and my hair begins to feel weighty as the steam begins to slowly saturate my hair.  Remember: Your hair should not be under the shower head getting wet. Your hair is just lightly misted from the hot water vapor that arises from above luke warm shower and you gently massage your scalp. Warning: If you try this at home, please select a warm to hot temperature setting that is comfortable for you and close the bathroom/shower door/curtain to trap the steam.

At this point, my hair is absorbing water. I see it as an opportunity for my hair to intake the remaining 8 glasses I may have not consumed that day. Hey no judgement, I’m a Work in Progress (WIP).  I try, right now I’m sipping it out of a wine glass. Not because it’s classy, it just tastes better that way…in this moment 🙂


We can’t forget about your skin. I had to find something to keep my skin supple during these harsh winter months, my skin tends to get dry and itchy post-shower. So there needs to be a product that can moisturize my skin after cleansing in the shower. You can use Coconut Oil as well, but I have found a product that not only exfoliates my skin, but moisturizes it making it feel heavenly. I can’t remember where I purchased this product, but it’s called Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub Pineapple infusion. I have to say that this product has me smelling so good right now…husband will be happy. Joke aside, I love the key ingredients: Sugarcane, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sikeci Nut Oil, and Vitamin E.


I want you to see the consistency of the product, here is a pic of the coconut sugar rub. It comes with a scoop spoon as the oil ends to settle at the top . This will help you scoop an distribute. I rub the rub on my body in a circular motion to exfoliate my skin. As the water washes off the rub, your skin is left oiled 🙂


When I exit the shower, my hair is heavily misted (semi-saturated). I don’t use product, I grab a little indian hemp hair dress to oil the scalp and part sections with my fingers. With your hair slightly wet, it should be rather easy (depending on how detangled your hair is pre-shower) to part sections and do a two-strand twist for bedtime. Using this method my twists suffer less shrinkage. I allow my hair to air dry. I snatch on a satin bonnet and I’m off to bed.

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Christine Waysome-Henderson

Christine Waysome-Henderson is a Natural Hair Care Consultant & Founder of Natural Hairess & Co. LLC. She educates individuals how to care for their natural hair organically. Christine is degreed and holds both an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and an MBA Graduate Degree in Business Management. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children. For more hair wisdom, visit Natural Hairess & Co.

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