At-Home Hair Treatment: Avocado Hair Mask


The avocado is colloquially known as the Alligator Pear, reflecting its shape and the leather-like appearance of its skin. Avocado is derived from the Aztec word “ahuacatl”. Avocados are the fruit from Persea americana, a tall evergreen tree that can grow up to 65 feet in height. Avocados vary in weight from 8 ounces to 3 pounds depending upon the variety. Reference:

During the Winter months, I was looking for ways to give my hair some TLC to recover from the drying effects of the season. So, I decided to try the Avocado Hair Mask for myself. It is said to be a great deep conditioning treatment as this vegetable that has high-fat content can be found at your local grocer.

Avocados are primarily consumed for its health benefits, but have been found to provide health benefits for your hair as well.

This is how it went…

What you’ll need:

  • Avocado
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Egg (optional)
  • Bowl
  • Towel
  • Fork (or Utensil to mash the Avocado)
  • Shower Cap
  • Dryer/Steamer

Step #1

Prep the Avocado by cutting it in two, removing the seed inside, and peeling the avocado skin off.


Put the avocado into a bowl and add Olive Oil.  Mash the avocado and mix in with the olive oil and mash the lumps until you have a smooth mixture.


Step #2

Prep your hair by pre-loosening your detangled/untwisted hair and put a towel around your shoulders to catch potential messes.

Use your fingers and distribute the avocado/oil mixture throughout your hair. Ensure that it gets all through your hair and the edges.


Step #3

Put a shower cap on over your hair and sit under the dryer for 15-20 minutes.


Rinse your hair and there may be pieces from the Avocado left behind, you can remove them from your hair with your fingers, dry and style your hair. I usually put my hair in two-strand twists and style out the next day.

I have found that my hair feels stronger, less hair comes out after styling and my hair retains moisture.

My mother was really happy with my results, that she showed up at my door with two avocados so we could put it in her hair. She loved it. She was experiencing thinning and these treatments has helped to thicken and grow her hair.


Try the Avocado Hair Mask and let me know how your hair loved it on the New Natural Hairess Facebook page or leave comments right here.

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Christine Waysome-Henderson

Christine Waysome-Henderson is a Natural Hair Care Consultant & Founder of Natural Hairess & Co. LLC. She educates individuals how to care for their natural hair organically. Christine is degreed and holds both an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and an MBA Graduate Degree in Business Management. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children. For more hair wisdom, visit

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