Two Nods to Perm Rods


Hair Perm Rods are a great way to add curls to your hair styles without the fuss. Perm rods come in various sizes for different lengths of hair. Each size is identified by a different colored perm rods (see guide below). The thicker the perm rod the looser the curl. I use the thinner rods (pink/blue) for my daughter’s hairstyles and two-strand twists as her hair ends are best kept curled.  Her hair tends to hold the tighter curls longer. We like using perm rods because they are easy, they curl the hair without leaving bends in the hair like plastic rollers with caps. We can roll them as tight or as loose as we want and they have that “stay-factor”. And most importantly, it allows us to achieve curls without using heat.

How do you use perm rods?

1.  Select perm rod size for desired curl.

2. Uncap each perm rod and roll hair around the rod. When you have the desired tension, cap the perm rod. *I wrap the rubber band around the rod as well for added tension.

Note: Everyone’s hair setting time is different.

I find that the perm rods work best post styling when hair is air drying. If the hair is dry or I’m freshening up an older style, I use a moisturizer or foam product to set the hair prior to applying the perm rods to the hair. Because I’m an advocate for allowing hair to naturally air dry, I cannot tell you about setting wet hair sitting under the dryer to heat dry curls.

3. Uncap perm rods. If the curl did not set, reapply a moisturizer or foam to that section of hair and recurl using the perm rod.

4. Apply Sheen and Go!


IMG_2293 IMG_2283 IMG_2292 IMG_2291


Two-Strand Twist Pin Up with perm rod curled ends


How do you know what size perm rod is best suited for your hair?

According to Hairfinder:

Red: Red rods are the smallest rods made, and are typically only used on short hair lengths to create tight, kinky curls. The hair lengths that would most often require such small rods are those less than 2 to 2-1/2 inches.

Blue: The blue rods are larger than the red and could be used on the shortest hair lengths to give larger curls, but also can be used to give longer lengths (say from 2 to 3-1/2 inches) a nice tight curly style.

Pink: Pink perm rods are the next stage, and are usually good to give tight curl to hair that is from 3 to 4 inches in length. It can be used on the shortest lengths to create looser curls and wave, or on the 2 to 3-1/2 inch range for loose curl.

Gray: A gray perm rod is the usual “all purpose” thickness. It is generally good for giving a nice tight curl to hair that is 3 to 5 inches in length, or to create looser-looking curls in shorter lengths of hair.

White: White rods are generally the largest rods used in creating a “curly perm” style. The rods are ideal for hair that is 4-1/2 to 6-1/2 inches in length and create a nice tight curl in this length of hair. Used in shorter lengths of hair the curls will appear looser and can even create simple body in short lengths.

Purple: The purple perm rods are generally called “body wave rods” because they create such large curl that most salons use them for body waves only, unless the client has really long hair and wants lots of curl.

Occasionally, you may find slightly larger body wave rods that are orange in color.

If you have longer hair, flexirods may be better suited for your hairstyle.

Do you use perm rods to add curls to your hairstyles? Please leave your comments below of your experience and send us a pic of your hair do achieved from using perm rods.



Christine Waysome-Henderson

Christine Waysome-Henderson is a Natural Hair Care Consultant & Founder of Natural Hairess & Co. LLC. She educates individuals how to care for their natural hair organically. Christine is degreed and holds both an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and an MBA Graduate Degree in Business Management. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children. For more hair wisdom, visit Natural Hairess & Co.

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