Fine Hair is Oh So Fine!

me3Do you have fine hair? Me too! Don’t despair we too can enjoy our Natural Hair. I too experience the ultimate shrinkage on wash day when my hair has been completely saturated and cleansed. Soon after, I detangle my hair in sections and seal each section with oil and a butter and two strand twist. Our hair is more delicate and we have to use lighter products. I speak from experience of oiling my hair heavily and having the oil excess drain down my neck, around my ears, and onto my face. After a day or two, I release my dried twists and untwist them with oil. Initially, my hair does not quite deliver the fullness that I desire, but after each passing day, my hair awakens like a flower in bloom. Tip: To keep definition, retwist in chunks at bedtime, and release and fill in in the morning. To add moisture, read my capped blog entry.

To protect my fine hair:

1. I wear a satin bonnet at night to prevent breakage

2. I hydrate my hair when I shower and two-strand twist nightly

3. I prefer low-maintenance and temporary protective styles. I love pinups and updos as opposed to tight/heavy braids that may thin my eyes or pull on my hair long term

4. I receive regular steam hydration treatments with protein to strengthen my hair

5. Use Coconut Oil as it’s lighter on my hair then some of the other thicker oils out there that may weigh my hair down

6. I avoid heat styling. My hair does just fine without it.

7. I avoid stress-tressed styles (tight styles). There is no reason to endure this, there are too many other pain free options.

8. I let my hair air dry. Besides blow dry to stretch the hair on a rare occasion, I usually do not use hair dryers or blow dry my hair.

9. Use products that my hair absorbs, like natural hair oils. I stay away from products that tend to pile up on my hair cuticle and scalp causing itching leading to more frequent washes.

10. I take advantage of co-washing to rehydrate and moisturize my hair strands and have a consistent vibrant look an feel.

11. I detangle and style with my fingers and seldom use combs unless absolutely necessary.

12. I occasionally trim the ends to rid of flyways and shedding hair

To achieve a bigger effect for my fine hair: 

1. I accessorize for a fuller bigger effect!

2. Add hair for more volume and fullness!

3. Style old hair *My hair is at it’s best for styling frohawks or pinups after an old twist out it’s at its fullest


Embrace your fine hair and it will embrace you!

Pin Up w/Marley Hair
Pin Up w/Marley Hair

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