5 Strategies to declutter your life and pay yourself back


When was the last time you did something that your future self will thank you for? It is my current goal to do at least one thing that I can thank myself for. I know I’m not the only stockpiler of clothes, shoes and bags. Yes, I’m guilty of being that consumer who catches that red tag sale and collected that free bag for purchasing the additional this, that, and the third. Enough was enough, when I began to get raised eyebrows from my husband. Besides taking over my own closet,  my purchases made their way into my husband’s  closet and have sadly begun to encroach on the last corner in “our” master bedroom that I had cornered him into. With no intent, I was obviously taking over shared space. When he shared there is no room for him in our bedroom that’s when it hit home that I’ve become that dreaded clutter bug, you now the one you see on television when the family calls in an intervention…Yaaaaaasssuuhhhh!!! Over consumption of anything is simply not healthy, right? I had to clutch myself, as it ran through my mind that this behavior is really a tell-tale sign of something going on with me deeper. I’m not going to psychoanalyze myself to you, but I really had to take a hard look at myself, this stuff, and take action fast!

I took my dilemma to the streets asking my colleagues if I was the only one doing this. Many also shared having the same problem, even still having items with new tags in their closets. I was not alone! That’s when I realized this is a larger, possibly universal problem. I’m on a mission to create more space in my home and I’m going to share with you how I begun to declutter my life the smart way. Besides my own closet, I took over my husband’s closet and have sadly begun to encroach on his space which is the last corner in the bedroom that I had yet to takeover. With no intent, I was obviously taking over shared space. When he shared there is no room for him in our bedroom that’s when it hit me and I had to take fast action!

  1. Sell, Sell, Sell – I currently list items using my phone. Take a pic and post a listing price. I negotiate a satisfactory selling price with buyers to my satisfaction, box and ship it out of my bedroom. Whatever can go, let it go. I currently use Poshmark, it is a downloadable phone app. Other declutter means I’ve used: craigslist and eBayYour Benefit: Money in your pockets and more space!
  2. Private Home Sale – Set aside those tagged or high priced items that you would like to give away but care whom they go to. Reduce the price tag and invite friends, coworkers, neighbors, book club, come over to shop ’til they drop. Your Benefit: Extra dollars and you can rest at night knowing that your former goods are in the hands of someone you know will appreciate it.
  3. Yard, Garage, or Multi-Family Community Sale – Plan for a yard sale. There are so many yard sale variations these days anywhere from online yard sale posting groups to a few families gathering to hold a collective yardsale. Best results is to advertise properly in high visible areas and sites and check the weather for an inclement-weather free day. I used to think yard sale shoppers are out on the prowl just on weekends but was recently surprised to see a weekday yard sale to capture those homeschool moms and moms who have their afternoons free after dropping the kids off at school. My community offers bi-annual Yard Sales where on a specific time and day listed in the community newsletter. The community empties garages, cupboards, closets and storage areas and organizes them in their driveway. Neighbors you know go door to door or neighbors they know and barter, trade, and sell their wares. I would recommend using option 4 at the end of the sale rather than putting those items back to create space otherwise the items go back and wait for another yard sale. Your Benefit: No commute and Extra Dollars.
  4. Donate – Donate to your local charity to quickly declutter your life. Box up items that you’d like to say good bye to and contact your local charity or goodwill to discuss a donation. Some organizations offer complimentary *curbside pickup service and will be more than happy to leave you a receipt even when you are not home. Organizations have upped their game and now offer online booking scheduled service with pickup reminders so you can plan to declutter on a regular basis. Other declutter means I’ve used: The Lupus America℠ Household Goods Donation Program Your Benefit: Ask your tax professional how you may benefit from holding on to these receipts during tax season.
  5. Shred – Participate in your community shred event or locate a nearby shred event to properly dispose of items. There is a specific process for proper disposal so contact the event coordinator for guidelines and a list of unacceptable and acceptable items. Also check on the limit to how much you can shred. My community had a limit of 4 boxes. Your Benefit: Proper disposal of important documents with personal information, create more space.

Are you a Mompreneur like me or just need to declutter to create space in your life, follow this blog and join our mailing list for more from The Natural Hairess Muse: Wifestyles.



Christine Waysome-Henderson is a Natural Beauty Blogger & Lifestyle Coach and the Founder of Natural Hairess & Co.  Christine educates women on how to care for their natural hair organically and create a healthy lifestyle. Christine is degreed and holds both an undergraduate degree from George Mason University and an MBA Graduate Degree in Business Management. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children. To schedule a consultation with Christine, visit http://www.naturalhairess.com.

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