About Christine


Hello Beauties! My name is Christine and when I began my personal quest to inspire others to embracing their Natural, Natural Hairess was a name gifted me. I refer to this name fondly as it symbolizes a woman, who embraces her own native curls and the royal priestess within.  We are Chosen Women of God. The Natural Beauty that we adorn and wear proudly is our Crown of Glory. I desire all women to practice self-love from head to toe and stay clear of any negative innuendos that feed into natural hair adversity. I myself desire to embrace what God has purposed for me.  As a wife, mother, professional, and life student, I journey through a daily self-revelation about my hair and I am empowered as my hair surprises me daily. My hair never gives me the same outcome from day to day and I choose to embrace it. Sharing my natural hair journey has been a passion of mine and I’ve recently obeyed the call to do it. I feel good about sharing and this blog ultimately aims to inspire all natural hair enthusiasts who desire to embrace their natural born curls and flaunt them!

Who am I?
My name is Christine and I am a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Natural Hairess & Co., Northern Virginia’s premier natural hair care headquarters. My family origins stem from the island of Jamaica, however, I reside in Northern Virginia. I am a Wife, Mother of three, Life Student, and a Follower of Christ.

Why did I make the decision to go natural?
Initially, I decided to “Go Natural” in the 90’s because I was in college and my expenses were limited. Affording a hairstylist at the time was not in my budget so I decided to stay in protective styles until I could decide what to do next. Unfortunately, there weren’t any natural hairstylists and products on the shelves targeting Natural Hair Care were near non existent. There weren’t any hairstylists who cared to even service a natural hair client without straightening it first. I grew discouraged overtime and ended up cutting and relaxing my after my last pregnancy with my youngest child.

My second and final attempt to transition back to Natural was when my oldest daughter was relentless about me taking her to the hair salon for red hair color.  She grew frustrated with me as I consistently said no to hair coloring. She not only wanted a relaxer, but hair color in the same day.  Knowing what I knew about the harsh effects of hair relaxers and hair color. I knew that was a big No-No, but explaining that to a teenager was tough. I had to educate her about the potential consequences associated with chemical processing and permanent hair color. As we patiently worked through her frustrations, she realized some classmates who’ve suffered hair breakage and ultimately loss of all of their hair. This slowed my daughter down and I was grateful, however, I instantly knew that I needed to be that natural role model in her life and for my youngest daughter. So, I had to lead by example and embark on this natural journey alongside my two daughters.

How would I describe my hair texture?
I don’t refer to my hair as a number or letter because I know that all hair is different as I find most of clients have multiple hair types. But for referential sake, some may refer to my hair as 4c. I refer to my hair as fine as far as density. Like most, I detest shrinkage and loathe an initial wash. I relish in aged twist outs age, because my hair appears thicker and fuller and I simply experience the ultimate “Hair Crush” on myself.

What is my styling regimen over the course of a month?
I currently follow the LOC method. I shampoo no more than 1x a week when I wear a loose natural style.  I deep condition using a made up concoction based on my hair needs and season. Usually a hydration rich deep conditioner with a steam treatment. I cowash to cleanse my scalp during the week when I workout (to remove perspiration that can dry the hair). I rarely use brushes and combs. When I twist my hair it is non-strategic. I run my hands through my hair to detect any tangles or knots and work them out with my fingers. I proceed to finger-part my hair into medium sized sections and apply a hair oil, moisturizer and butter to each section and part into two and two-strand twist. At night, I protect my curls by placing my hair into two strand twists using the LOC Method and cover with a satin bonnet. I also use a satin pillowcase for hair protection should my satin bonnet slide off.

My hair is at its healthiest when I wear my hair out all year long without adding any hair for protective styling. I decided to follow the LOC method because it is what my hair is currently responding to and I have product to use. However, my goal is to transition to the CG method to reduce the shampooing of my hair for retention of natural hair oils as there are now ways to cleanse hair without shampooing. When I try it, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

What does wash day look like for me?
I wash every 1-2 weeks. My wash day consists of Congo Professional Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. As I Am as my moisturizing leave-in conditioner, and if I use a styler, I use Eco styler gel for pinups. At the end of my day, I enjoy stepping in the shower and let the water cleanse my hair an scalp to remove any excess product. I lather up, massage in from root to tip and rinse. I follow up with a protein conditioner, Kinky Curly Leave-in Conditioner, Detangler Conditioner, or Deep Conditioner (whichever conditioning treatment my hair is in need at that time).

What is my favorite go-to hairstyle for days when I don’t have a lot of time to style?
My favorite go-to hairstyle definitely two-strand twist out. My hair feels full and thick and I love how voluminous it looks especially when I accentuate it with a headband, side pins or colorful turban.

How do I combat shrinkage?
I don’t do anything specifically to combat shrinkage, however, I stretch my hair by twisting nightly and pinups. I have a shower regimen that I do which is more about hydration than combatting shrinkage. My hair is currently bra strap length and shrinks to my ears. Hate it? No, I just embrace it.

What are 2 do’s for my hair texture?
Two do’s for my texture are section detangling and regular trims.

What are 2 don’ts for my hair texture?
Two don’ts for my texture are over manipulation and going to bed untwisted.

How can you contact me or find me on other Social Media Sites?
You may contact me at: blog@naturalhairess.com. I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

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