My Inspiration


My youngest daughter was a gift to us as we hadn’t expected to have any more children. She truly is our “Sunshine”. If she is not singing, skipping, twirling, dancing, or smiling, she is sharing and caring. She is who most aim to be everyday, that’s why she inspires me.

Her hair has also inspires me, she has more hair than I know what to do with. She has a looser curl pattern than my own. It is most always slinky and bouncy.  It is manageable and soft but there is a lot of hair. So much that hairdressers would charge me two heads. I had taken matters into my own hands and I learn to care and style my daughter’s hair.


My daughter’s teacher who asked my daughter if she had a weave or hair pieces inserted in her hair also asked the class to write about the best part of themselves. My daughter wrote about her hair. When she came home, I read it and I asked her why she chose her hair. She said because, “My hair goes with me everywhere I go”. She’s right! I believe my daughter enjoys her natural crown and all of its splendor!

~ NH

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