Natural Hair Summer Nuptials

Bride to Be’s and Married Agains, We want nothing more than to look impeccably ravishing for our groom on that Special Day Right? Planning goes a long way and if you can use an extra pair of hands use the help. I did. I was at square one like many of you who are preparing for that Big Day! Admidst the numerous dress fittings, packing, and … Continue reading Natural Hair Summer Nuptials

Detangle Hair: Wet or Dry?

I saw a horror of a mess from a client who had matted her daughter’s lengthy tresses. The hair was so entangled,  there were no words to describe it. The mother shared that she applied  shampoo and when the hair did not detangle, she repeated the shampoo process. I write this blog to clear up the myth or misunderstanding about detangling hair. If you don’t know … Continue reading Detangle Hair: Wet or Dry?

5 Product Faves of 2014

Yes, I’ve been known to be a “Product Junkie”, however, I have put an action plan in place to resolve this. My solution has been to consolidate all of my hair products that my hair loves and organize my shelves with just these products. I remove those other products to a go-to bin for my new natural friends who want to try these products without … Continue reading 5 Product Faves of 2014

Nightly Hair Care Regimen in a Cinch

At the end of the day it is important to take a few moments out of our day to protect our natural tresses before bedtime. It may seem a simple concept needn’t be discussed, but it is surprising how many take for granted the importance of natural hair care even at bedtime. Nighttime Regimen: Look and feel the condition of our hair and scalp Part … Continue reading Nightly Hair Care Regimen in a Cinch