February Find

IMG_3444 IMG_3448


Thrift Find: Pink/White Black and White Neck Scarf

Paired with: Black and White Chiffon Gold Button Collard Shirt (CW Price); Owl rhinestone encrusted earrings (Dots). CW Price was liquidating their inventory and Dots is going out of business. Both items were purchased at a steal

Price: 50% off of $1.90

I love this transformed hair accessory! I found this scarf at the Thrift Store in the scarf section. I like to look for rare finds that I can frame my hair with. My hair started off in a twist-out and I kept the texture of my hair and did a quick pinup and sleeked the sides with EcoStyle gel and wrapped this head scarf into a frontal bow tuck the ends in and I was out the door and into the salon to cape my client.

I often play around with accessories, for more of my ideas to accentuate your natural hair, visit my post.

~ NH

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